About Stakker

Stakker is a lightweight low-level single-threaded actor runtime for Rust. Some features:

  • It is designed to be layered on top of whatever event loop the user prefers to use, including ones from other languages.
  • Asynchronous calls are addressed directly to individual methods within an actor, rather like Pony behaviours.
  • All calls and argument types are known and statically checked at compile-time, which is very efficient and gives the optimiser a lot of scope.
  • It provides a timer queue for timeouts or delayed calls, a lazy queue to allow batching recent operations, and an idle queue for running a call when nothing else is outstanding.
  • Uses unsafe by default for added efficiency at runtime. However, enabling the "no-unsafe" cargo feature switches to a fully safe implementation, and builds with #[forbid(unsafe_code)] to guarantee that no unsafe code is present.


Questions not covered in the FAQ can be asked in the GitHub discussion area. Please raise bugs and other issues on the GitHub issues page.

In future if more people come to use Stakker, it would be good to have some means of notifying those people if new features are being considered, to include them in discussions. This could be a forever-open GitHub issue, or some other low-tech channel. I'm open to suggestions if someone has done this before.

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